Newspaper Science, Nr. 3

What makes any Feldenkrais lesson work?

Roger Russell

The Feldenkrais community needs to demonstrate that Feldenkrais lessons are safe and effective as well as provide an adequate theory.  Policy makers who might consider including Feldenkrais for their constituents will want to know what makes any Feldenkrais lesson work. Looking over various attempts to formulate a theory of the Feldenkrais Method we find several kinds of explanations. The picture that emerges is confusing and often contradictory. This leads us to a resource….

Photo credits- Barbara Hohenadl, Heidelberg Germany

Roger Russell, M.A., PT,training with Moshé Feldenkrais in San Francisco, Amherst and Israel (1975- 1982). A movement scientist, physical therapist and Feldenkrais trainer he is co-director of the Feldenkrais-Zentrum in Heidelberg, Germany. Since 1975 he has been intrigued by the network of ideas which stands behind the practical methods that Feldenkrais developed.  He is one of the initiators of the Feldenkrais Science Network and a leading participant in the FGNA/FEFNA symposia Movement and the Development of Sense of Self (2004) and Embodying Neuroscience (2012) as well as presenting Feldenkrais in conferences in Paris, Berlin, Oxford and Heidelberg.
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