News from the Research Database Task Group

At the start of last year, the research database task group came together to see how we could improve the searchability, the functionality and update the articles in Zotero database on the IFF website.

For the past year, the IFF research database task group has been hard at work going through each article. There are currently around 800 articles on the database.

Some of the improvements we have done to the articles include: adding detailed tags (including identifying levels of evidence and whether it was a randomised controlled trial), adding abstracts, URLs, volume and issue numbers where possible, translating abstracts and tags using DeepL where possible, adding all articles from the Feldenkrais Zeit and finding and adding recent articles. We also plan to make ‘how to search the Zotero database’ video and upload this video to the website for people to use as a guide.

We will introduce the international team working on the database in the next newsletter.

Please keep the 26th June 2022 in your diaries. We plan to launch the new improved database on this date.

The Database Task Group

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