Review and preview of the IFF Research Working Group Network activities

Summer vacation has arrived (in the Northern hemisphere). Our Newsletter team is taking a break until September. Before we head for the beach or the mountains, we offer you a review and a preview of the IFF Research Working Group Network activities.

Introduction to the IFF Research Working Group Database, June 26, 2022

To watch the recording of the Database presentation, click here!

In September we will provide a more detailed report of this event. For now, here are the basics.             

  • What: Create a searchable database of more than 900 items.
  • When: Working since January 2021.
  • Why: Enable researchers to access an online database of all possible references since 1930. Foster networking for Feldenkrais teachers and researchers around the world.
  • How: Search for, collect, read, re-order, create new online tags and abstracts, provide links, translate, etc. (A lot of work!)
  • Where: The database group members are in Australia, France, Germany, and Switzerland. Researchers can access the database from anywhere on the planet Earth.  
  • Who did all of this work? 
    Liz Senn, (Chair) Melbourne, Australia, Doctor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Science, Graduate Diploma Education. Liz will complete her FM training in July 2022.  Ulrike Dengl, near Munich, Germany, University diploma in the sociology of knowledge, psychology, and history of art in Munich and Genova. Feldenkrais training Heidelberg, Germany 2012. Stéphanie Ménasé, Paris, France, Doctor of Philosophy – Paris Sorbonne, 1999. Feldenkrais training in Paris, France, 2011.   Nicola Zollinger, Zurich, Switzerland, Diploma: Environmental System Sciences, Feldenkrais training in Aurillac, France 2021.

Online events since October 2021

  • October 31, 2021   Research on the Feldenkrais Method – What has been done so far? Qualitative Methods and Quantitative Evidence   Cliff Smyth, Ph.D. and Susan Hillier, Ph.D. 
  • January 23, 2022    Case Study Workshop   Jim Stephens, PT, Ph.D.
  • April 3, 2022    The Feldenkrais Method as Practical Physiological Psychology   Hillel Braude, MBBch, Ph.D.
  • May 15, 2022    Catching up with Movement Science   Beatrix Vereijken, Ph.D., Diane Hannemann, Ph.D., Roger Russell, PT, MA
  • June 26, 2022    Introduction to the IFF Research Working Group Database  Liz Senn, Stéphanie Ménasé, Ulrike Dengl, Nicola Zollinger

All Event recordings will be online by September. We will keep you informed.

Preview of upcoming online events

We plan three online events between September and January. The dates will be:

  • End of September
  • Mid-November
  • Mid-January

As soon as we clarify the themes we will let you know.

Other plans for the near future

  • A new Questionnaire for the network will be distributed to the IFF and the Guilds around the world after October. 
  • We will introduce you to the people in the Event Group and the Communication Group who have been working behind the scenes. 
  • Introducing the IFF Research Working Group Steering Committee: who we are; our goals, values, processes, and standards. 
  • New articles in the series Newspaper Science.

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