Online Event of the IFF Research Working Group

Date: 15 May 2022, 9pm CEST

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Harnessing Mobile Technology to Understand What Matters Most to People in Rehabilitation

Beatrix Vereijken, Ph.D., a movement scientist and Professor at the NTNU in Trondheim, Norway is one of the principal investigators of a five-year, international study (2019-2024) involving 17 research centers, 2400 participants, and 50 million Euros.  ( ) . She and her team are using mobile tracking technology and clinical tests for statistical analysis combined with interviews and questionnaires. They want to find out what matters most in the lives of individual patients. 

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News from the Research Database Task Group

At the start of last year, the research database task group came together to see how we could improve the searchability, the functionality and update the articles in Zotero database on the IFF website.

For the past year, the IFF research database task group has been hard at work going through each article. There are currently around 800 articles on the database.

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Introduction to the IFF Research Events Group

We are the IFF Research Events Group: Corinna Eikmeier, Anne Frütel and Joanne Bouckley

The events group took up its work in 2021 to create highly informative events on Feldenkrais Method research. We have been building a structure that can reliably provide events. Building it in a way that will also work in the future. If successful our work will remain in the background, only becoming visible if it doesn’t work.

We have multiple goals:

  • to bring everybody on the same page by making existing research available;
  • bring people together;
  • share knowledge and thinking;
  • inspire and stimulate future research the Feldenkrais Method.
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Book Review: Reflections on research into the functioning of the nervous system

Elements from György Buzsáki, The Brain from Inside Out and Perspectives for the Feldenkrais Method

By Stéphanie Ménasé

Stephanie Ménasé, Ph.D. is familiar with the Feldenkrais Method since the early 1990’s. She finished her Feldenkrais training in Paris in 2012 with Myriam and Sabine Pfeffer. She has been a member of the IFF RWG Data Base task group since January 2021.

Read more about her biography at the end of the article.

Interested in what I do not yet know, and curious to understand, or at least to try to understand, what I do not yet understand well, I immersed myself in György Buzsáki’s The Brain from Inside Out, Oxford University Press, 2019, 441 p[1]. The book’s underlying question is how are learning human beings capable of improvement, in the sense of an evolutionary perspective of individual and species development. It consists of 14 parts, a reference list of more than 50 pages[2], and a remarkably detailed 24-page index allowing for an alternative circulation between chapters.

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