IFF Research Network Database Group Event

9pm Central European Daylight Time (CEDT)
Sunday 26th June 2022

For the past year, the IFF Research Database Group has been hard at work updating and improving the searchability of the catalogue of references of the Feldenkrais on the Zotero database.  

Please join us as we present the new updated Zotero database. 

Some of the topics that we will cover are:

  • An introduction to the Zotero data base
  • How the articles have been tagged
  • How to search for articles
  • An overview of the types of articles in the collection

Registration is via mail to iffrg-events@feldenkrais-method.org

Hope to see you there!

Introducing the IFF Research Database Task Group

Over the past year, the IFF Research Database Task Group has been hard at work updating and improving the searchability of the articles on the Feldenkrais Method on the Zotero database which other members before us have accumulated over the years.

Please join us as we present the new updated Zotero database on
9pm Central European Daylight Time (CEDT)
Sunday 26th June 2022
Registration is via mail to iffrg-events@feldenkrais-method.org

We would like to introduce ourselves.

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Online Event with Beatrix Vereijken, Ph.D.

Date: May 15, 2022 at 5PM CEST (time zone converter link)

REGISTER: via mail to iffrg-events@feldenkrais-method.org

Catching up with Movement Science

What can movement science offer to Feldenkrais researchers?

Beatrix Vereijken, Ph.D.

with Roger Russell, MA, PT and Diane Hannemann, Ph.D.

Movement science is one of the many perspectives for researching the Feldenkrais Method. Since its rise in the 1980’s, the field has grown rapidly in the sophistication of research methods, its theoretical depth and innovative applications.

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Online Event of the IFF Research Working Group

Date: 15 May 2022, 9pm CEST

REGISTER: via mail to iffrg-events@feldenkrais-method.org

Harnessing Mobile Technology to Understand What Matters Most to People in Rehabilitation

Beatrix Vereijken, Ph.D., a movement scientist and Professor at the NTNU in Trondheim, Norway is one of the principal investigators of a five-year, international study (2019-2024) involving 17 research centers, 2400 participants, and 50 million Euros.  (https://www.mobilise-d.eu/ ) . She and her team are using mobile tracking technology and clinical tests for statistical analysis combined with interviews and questionnaires. They want to find out what matters most in the lives of individual patients. 

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Introduction to the IFF Research Events Group

We are the IFF Research Events Group: Corinna Eikmeier, Anne Frütel and Joanne Bouckley

The events group took up its work in 2021 to create highly informative events on Feldenkrais Method research. We have been building a structure that can reliably provide events. Building it in a way that will also work in the future. If successful our work will remain in the background, only becoming visible if it doesn’t work.

We have multiple goals:

  • to bring everybody on the same page by making existing research available;
  • bring people together;
  • share knowledge and thinking;
  • inspire and stimulate future research the Feldenkrais Method.
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Review of Jan 23, 2022, IFF Research Working Group Event: Case Studies Workshop with Jim Stephens, PhD, PT, CFT

Photo of Jim Stephens' face

The changes that the Feldenkrais Method brings to each person’s personal development are engaging stories. However, not every story is a case study. Jim Stephens pointed out that for researchers, case study methodology is a structured procedure to document those stories. He offered a compact review of four different approaches to how case studies can be done.

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Online Event Calendar

April 3rd, 9pm CET

Photo of Hillel Braude's upper body

Hillel D. Braude, MBBCH PhD

The Feldenkrais Method as Physiological Psychology in Practice: Research Insights – A presentation with discussion

REGISTER: via mail to

Dr. Hillel Braude is an Integrative Medicine Doctor, Feldenkrais Practitioner and Neuro-Ethicist. Hillel is the Founder-Director of SomaticWell, an Integrative Medicine Clinic providing specialized treatments for infants and children with autism, and other neurodevelopmental disabilities. Hillel has published extensively in the field of Neuroethics, Somatics and Philosophy of Medicine. He is the author of Intuition in Medicine: A Philosophical Defense of Clinical Reasoning (The University of Chicago Press, 2012).

Other Online Events

  • May 15, 2022, 9pm CET

What is in Our Research Toolbox? with Professor Beatrix Vereijken, Ph.D., Norwegian University of Science and Technology

  • June 26, 2022, 9pm CET

The New Feldenkrais Method Research Data Base: A milestone for FM Research – Presentation and Celebration with the Data Base Working Group  

More information in the next IFF Research Working Group newsletter in early April.

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Call for Abstracts



A special Feldenkrais Research Symposium dedicated to the theme of Experience, Reflection, Language: Phenomenology and the Feldenkrais Method will be included in the Fourth International Conference on Brain, Body, Cognition, to take place at La Sorbonne, Paris, France between August 31 – 2 September, 2022. (https://www.movementis.com/)The International Feldenkrais Federation Research Working Group will conduct this Symposium.

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Dialogue Forum “Feldenkrais Studies / Feldenkrais & Forschung”

Next week I will be hosting a dialogue forum “Feldenkrais Studies / Feldenkrais & Forschung” at the University of Vienna, Marietta Blau Saal, Universitätsring 1 on Tuesday, January 26 at 4:30 PM. The event is supported by the Cognitive Science Research Platform & the Feldenkrais Verband Österreich.

Based on my recent work to update the research section & reference database for the International Feldenkrais Federation and a presentation of key publications of 2015 we will open a conversation on opportunities for Feldenkrais Practitioners to engage in research and researchers to collaborate in “Feldenkrais Studies”.

The event takes place in connection with the book presentation of the biography of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais by Christian Buckard.

To sign up and receive the preparatory materials, please send a mail to info@feldenkraisstudies.org no later than Monday, January 25.