Case Studies: Doing Them and How They Can Be Used – A Presentation with Discussion

January 23rd 2022, 9PM CET, Zoom

Case Studies: Doing Them and How They Can Be Used –

A Presentation With Discussion

With Jim Stephens PhD, PT, CFP

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Jim Stephens, PhD, PT, CFP, finished his PhD in Neuroscience and a clinical degree in Physical Therapy before becoming a Feldenkrais practitioner, completing the Toronto training in 1987. He has worked in clinical practice using both Feldenkrais method and physical therapy and continues to do a small clinical practice. He has published a number of peer reviewed papers on Feldenkrais Method including case studies.

In this presentation-discussion the experienced Feldenkrais practitioner, physical therapist and researcher Jim Stephens will discuss different types of case studies, some of the requirements for doing a good case study and how they can be used by both practitioners in their work with clients as guidance for responses to the Feldenkrais process and by researchers as a way of refining their questions for future larger research studies.

There will be time for questions during the presentation. The event will be recorded and the recording will be made available on the IFF website afterwards. For people who can‘t participate in real time, there is also the option to send questions in advance.

See the video recording of the event.


„James Stephens, PT, Ph.D. is an outstanding educator, researcher, mentor and role model.“      
 Ling Chang, PT, PhD

„Dr. James (Jim) Stephens was one of my doctoral committee members. His knowledge of the practice and his intellect could  bridge between theory and practice.“     
Dr. Glenna Batson, Professor Emeritus, Physical Therapy, Winston-Salem State University (USA).

“Jim has a passion for teaching, learning, and research that is infectious! He shares his knowledge and challenges us to think critically.”    
Teresa M. Miller, PT, PhD, Associate Professor, Program Director, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, St. John’s University, Queens, New York (USA).

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