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IFF Feldenkrais Research Journal – Call for Articles and Volunteers

Join us in sharing your learnings and passion with interested colleagues across the globe.  We invite you to contribute to the IFF Feldenkrais Research Journal: Volumes 7 and 8 are underway.  These volumes will use continuous on-line publication: articles will be published as the editorial and formatting process is finalised.  It is always the right time to join in the process of making the Feldenkrais Research Journal!  

Contribute as an Author

We would love to hear your ideas for a written submission. You are welcome to float an idea for an article with our editorial team and we would be happy to discuss with you how it can be developed. In addition to full length articles on research topics, we encourage you to consider contributions on:

  • Your ideas on ‘Gaps and Desires’ in research – an invitation to start a dialogue with your colleagues about directions for research in our community

If you are a newer writer, or have come across a publication of interest to our community, you might consider:

  • Book or Article Reviews – start with sharing a review of a great book you have read which increased your understanding or knowledge in an idea related to the Feldenkrais Method.

We are also always interested in reports on:

  • Research projects in progress.

See the full list of the types of contributions we are looking for here.

Publishing starts soon for 

Volume 7: General Volume, with a special section on Mindfulness and the Feldenkrais Method. Articles dealing with any aspect of research into the Feldenkrais Method and related ideas: research studies, hypothesis and theory, studies in progress, reviews, etc. See the Journal website for the wide variety of types of articles we are interested in.

Volume 8: Special Volume: Approaches to Research. Hillel Braude, MD, PhD will be Guest Co-editor for this volume. What should we be researching, and how? We are seeking papers on research approaches and methodology as part of the ongoing discussion on how to study the Feldenkrais Method. See the announcement on the Journal website about this volume.

Submission details:  For extensive suggestions about contributions and details on submission requirements click FRJ Submission details. Submissions through the FRJ website.

Contribute as a Reviewer

Connect with new ideas by being an article Reviewer for the Journal.  There is a wide range of articles in each volume, so you can start with topics and types of articles you are comfortable with, and which allow you to develop your own skills. If you are interested, we will provide you with a simple form to identify your areas of knowledge and skill. Reviews are anonymous, and there is a standard format for organising your feedback on an article. 

Please consider joining in. Please contact us to discuss how you could be involved.

Cliff Smyth, Editor

See the video recording of our online event ‘Introducing the Feldenkrais Research Journal – Who, What, Why, How, When, and Where?

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