Presentation on the Feldenkrais Research Journal – Event Review

This 45 minute presentation and dialogue with the Feldenkrais Research Journal Editor, Cliff Smyth, and Guest Editor for Volume 8, Hillel Braude, looked at a number of topics. The presentation begins with exploring the purposes of the journal: looking outward toward the public for education and credibility, looking inward toward the community for reflection and development, and looking forward in relation to the research process.

The presenters also explored how the journal is situated: particularly, its relationship to the practice of the method, and the role of a scholarly multidisciplinary research journal in the professional community – including being both a place for the publication of new research – especially from new researcher-practitioners, and deeper reflection on what constitutes the Method and how it could be researched.

Included is a brief history of the Journal – from its founding as part of the vision for the professional field from the 1999 IFF Assembly, through the two rounds of publishing from 2004 to 2008, and now again from 2016. Volume 6 is explored as an example of the type of articles which have been  published in the journal. Those guidelines for the kinds of articles being looked for are reviewed, and there is discussion of ways in which the journal can be supported.

The video recording of this research event is available on our research event video page.

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