What Do We Know About How to Research the Feldenkrais Method? – A Multi-Perspective Discussion of Methodology

A New Series of Research Events

In this new series of research events we invite researchers to present and discuss their research. Previous events have mostly focused on research results: „What research based knowledge do we already have about the Feldenkrais Method?“ and addressed research methods in general terms.

Now we invite researchers to present and discuss their actual research. The focus will be on the research process: Addressing „What knowledge do we have about researching the Feldenkrais Method?“ By hearing about the presenter’s particular research question and processes, we can more concretely address methodological questions and problems.

In the process we can examine, from multiple perspectives, the difficult questions of what are effective research methodologies – along the way stimulating what we expect will be interesting process-oriented discussions.

Call for Presenters

To continue the series we are looking for presenters from the research network. Are you a researcher who has done research on the Feldenkrais Method or is in the process of doing research? Do you want to present your research design and discuss your specific lines of thought, your problems and questions with an academic audience that is familiar with the Feldenkrais Method? Please send an Abstract of your work, max 300 words to researchgroup@feldenkrais-method.org

And we are happy to announce the first event of the series:

MPDM/ Event 1

Bodyphonics – How complex research questions lead to an experimental research design including artistic research and experiments

Prof. Dr. Corinna Eikmeier

ONLINE EVENT: 4 June, 2023
8 PM GMT, Zoom

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