The IFF Research Events Group

We are the IFF Research Events Group: Corinna Eikmeier, Anne Frütel and Joanne Bouckley. The events group took up its work in 2021 to create highly informative events on Feldenkrais Method research. We have been building a structure that can reliably provide events. Building it in a way that will also work in the future. If successful our work will remain in the background, only becoming visible if it doesn’t work.

We have multiple goals:

  • to bring everybody on the same page by making existing research available;
  • bring people together;
  • share knowledge and thinking;
  • inspire and stimulate future research the Feldenkrais Method.

We developed ideas about which events to present and how to put them into an order that makes sense.

See the video recordings of the events.

Who we are

Corinna Eikmeier PhD (born 1969) studied Violoncello, Contemporary Music and Improvisation. During her university course she developed a keen interest in the relationship between physical movement and musical expression and enrolled in a Feldenkrais course in Vienna, which she completed 1995 alongside her music degree.

Being part of numerous interdisciplinary projects, she is also a regular member of the ensembles: Cello en vogue and Erstes improvisierendes Streichorchester (First Improvising String Orchestra).

She worked as a lecturer at the University of Music Hannover where she taught Feldenkrais and Improvisation. 2017-2018 she was a guest professor for music pedagogy at Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg.  Since 2020 she is a professor for music pedagogy (instrumental and voice teaching) at the Musikhochschule Lübeck (University of Music Lübeck).

From 2007-2009 Corinna was a Dorothea Erxleben scholar, working on a project about Feldenkrais and improvisation and developed many improvisation exercises based on the principles of the Feldenkrais Method. The results are published under the titel: “Ungewohnte Positionen. Ein praktischer Beitrag zu Anwendung der Feldenkrais-Methode in der musikalischen Improvisation”. She continued this as her PHD project at Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien. The titel of her dissertation is: “Bewegungsqualität und Musizierpraxis. Zum Verhältnis von Feldenkrais-Methode und musikalischer Improvisation” (Movement quality and music practice. Concerning the relationship between Feldenkrais-Method and musical improvisation).   

From 2010-2016 she was the president of the German Feldenkrais Guild (Feldenkrais Verband Deutschland). At the moment she is the chair of the Ring für Gruppenimprovisation.

Anne Frütel MA studied acting and directing at Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna. After years as an actor, director, playwright and producer she dedicated herself to teaching the art of acting on evidence-based grounds. She finished her Feldenkrais training in 2021 in Vienna. Since 2019 she teaches the Feldenkrais Method which is part of her work as a teacher for acting. She is co-founder and head of Jurij-Vasiljev-Akademie, an educational institution for Jurij-Vasiljev-Method, an integrative training method for the actor`s speech and voice. She joined the IFF Research Group because she wants to contribute to the relevance of the Feldenkrais Method and because she enjoys building things of importance from scratch.

Jo Bouckley developed a passion for movement later in life, which led to a career in sports science and physiotherapy. She enjoyed working with athlete’s coordination, motor skills and movement patterns to prevent injury and progress rehabilitation. A personal back injury in 2014 introduced her to the Feldenkrais Method, which sparked a change in how she interacted with people and widened her range of clients. Jo joined the Melbourne training in 2019. A previous research interest re-emerged and Jo moved to Adelaide to commence a PhD in 2020. The Feldenkrais Method improved her ability to see others (and herself) in a different perspective, and reignited a passion for movement and how to interact with the world. The IFF Research Group gives Jo an opportunity to meet others and expand her knowledge.

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