Understanding Movement – What Can Movement Science Offer to Feldenkrais Researchers? A Presentation with Discussion

15 May 2022, 9pm CEST

Understanding Movement – What Can Movement Science Offer to Feldenkrais Researchers?

REGISTER: via mail to iffrg-events@feldenkrais-method.org

Beatrix Vereijken, Ph.D., a movement scientist and Professor at the NTNU in Trondheim, Norway is one of the principal investigators of a five-year, international study (2019-2024) involving 17 research centers, 2400 participants, and 50 million Euros. She and her team are using mobile tracking technology and clinical tests for statistical analysis combined with interviews and questionnaires. They want to find out what matters most in the lives of individual patients. 

This will be part of a series of online events to compare different types of research methodologies that can help establish that Feldenkrais lessons are safe and effective, and how to measure some of the changes that occur from doing the lessons. Roger Russell and Diane Hannemann will speak with Dr. Vereijken about her research. 

Beatrix Vereijken, PhD MSc in Experimental Psychology (1987), Ph. D. in Human Movement Science, (1991). Since 1997 she has been professor in at the Norwegian University for science and Technology in Trondheim. Her Ph.D. dissertation is a classic, and is cited in many kinesiology and movement science textbooks. Her scientific output consists of more than 300 international publications and presentations since 1994. Beatrix Verejken`s website at NTNU

Roger Russell, MA, PT, is a Feldenkrais Trainer in Heidelberg, Germany, and part of the IFF Research Working Group Steering Committee. He had the luck to participate in the San Francisco and Amherst trainings with Moshe Feldenkrais between 1975 and 1981. Roger was a coordinator in the FEFNA conferences Movement and the Development of Sense of Self (2004) and Embodying Neuroscience (2012). He has presented in conferences in Paris, Oxford, Berlin and Heidelberg.

Diane Hannemann, PhD is an integrative health strategist and biochemist with more than 20 years of experience translating science to inform federal policy, innovative research programs, partnerships, and communications to improve health. Fascinated by molecules as the communicators of life, she received her PhD in molecular biophysics and biochemistry from Yale University. Earlier this year, she completed the Feldenkrais Training Program of Baltimore in the US.

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